With great pleasure and anticipation we warmly welcome you to:

Gateways into Voice & Movement With Carrie Tree and Caroline S’Jegers.

“Now is the time to free the heart,
Awaken to the wonder of your life.”
(John O’Donohue)

Each one of us is born with a unique voice, and a vital need for authenticity.
And every single one of us, in our own way, adds our colours to existence.

‘Gateways into Voice & Movement’ is a full day gathering in which we will explore the spirit of our embodied creativity – under the guidance of magical songstress Carrie Tree and poetess in motion Caroline S’Jegers…

Held in a loving container, we will guide you on a journey of creative inquiry. While diving deeper into what moves us from within, we will explore our expressive language – both in silence and with the support of music and sounds. We will connect to our authentic voices through simple yet powerful vocal techniques and visualization.

Throughout our gathering, we will explore the gateways between (e)motion and voice.

✫ Can movement be of support while exploring our own unique voices?
✫ What moves us when we sing and are being witnessed in our own vulnerability?
✫ How do we express our connection to rhythm and harmony?

We will also discover ways to lean into the community field. Every voice being carried by the whole. We will deepen our relationship to what is being expressed within – The relationship to the ‘big body’ that carries and sustains us.

✫ Through voice, poetry and movement, we invite you to come just as you are.
To share, receive, explore, listen, dive in, and reflect your own authentic beauty.

Let’s return to the essence and love what we love. Sing and dance what is longing to be expressed.

Skin to earth.
Breath of life.
Roots of joy.

Gateways into the wonders of life! ✫

This magical event will take place in the Mariakapel on landgoed Coudewater in Rosmalen. This beautiful church is cozy and welcoming and has an amazing atmosphere.

We feel deeply honoured to gather in this beautiful cozy space, as we dive into our own transformative capacities, held in a collective field of the nature beside us.

Tea and water will be available throughout the day. 🌺 You may bring your own lunch or buy an additional token for a provided delicious healthy vegetarian lunch.

(arrival starts at 9h30; we aim to have our opening ceremony at 10AM and closing ceremony before 17h – and, in case you wish to stay for the concert afterwards, you can also eat in the vegetarian restaurant next door)

Easy Birds 75 euro (10 tickets reserved for people on very tight budget)
Common Birds 85 euro
AbunDance Birds 90 euro

Please bring warm things, and comfy layers to be warm when we go inward, and to be flexible for movement. A sheep skin and blanket to be really cozy for the concert. To be able to rest your body down and receive.

REGISTRATION: Your registration follows with buying the tickets on Hipsy

✫ To join, no voice or dance experience is necessary. All is welcome, whatever your journey with expression is.
✫ After registration and payment, we will send you an email with last practical information.
✫ This event will be held in English, with the possibility of translation to Dutch when needed.
✫ After our full-day gathering, you can also decide to stay for the concert in the evening. You will receive a discount when you sign up for both.


CARRIE TREE: Holding music as the center of her life, Carrie has traveled to diverse lands, sharing her passion and love of song. She also sees the need and power of therapeutic work to bring us back into balance and has studied many different fields in support of that. She trusts and upholds the depth of connection that can happen when we gather together. Her website: www.carrietree.co.uk.

CAROLINE S’JEGERS – founder of ‘ícaro * roots to create’ and co-founder of Heart of the Dance – is a passionate dance, music and birth keeper. She roots herself in ritual, uses poetry as music and listens to the spaces between the words: “On the dance floor – as in life – the mystery unfolds…” For more info: www.carolinesjegers.com.

ESTHER LANDA – host, creator and facilitator for Love in Motion Events. Esther will be the Spaceholder for this event and make sure that you feel welcome and all your basic needs are met. Esther creates a loving save and open space in with it is easy to feel comfortable and at ease and invited to explore and play. All events of Love in Motion will regulary be shared on this Hipsy page or her website www.estherlanda.nl

Zaterdag 21 oktober 2023 van 10:00 tot 16:30




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