“Embodying your pillar of light”
This evening is for all of us who want to embody and share who we fully are! Inviting ourselves ánd each other to show up. Owning the shit out of it! 😉 Celebrating ourselves. Saying fully yes to life. And, at the same time, honoring the parts of us that are shy, scared or not even ready to be seen. With all of that, you are so fully welcome to join. Trusting that the space that we will set and co-create together will hold us. The evening will be held in the embracing energy of the Maria Kapel Coudewater. And the magical ingredients we feel for this evening are sound, Golden Milk celebration & ceremony, embodiment, movement and silence.
Practical details:
– The address is Berlicumseweg 8b, Rosmalen.
– We will start together in circle with Golden Milk Medicine at 19.00h. The doors will be open at 18.00h, so that you can take the time you need to settle. We will close the ceremony at 22.00h.
– The price of this celebration is 33 euro, 44 euro or 55 euro, depending on your financial situation. You can feel into the right amount for you.
– Please bring what you need to make yourself comfortable, like a meditation pillow, wools, blankets, etc.
– You are very welcome to bring instruments, singing bowls, crystals, nature elements or objects to create a sacred altar space together in the church.
– There will be Golden Milk, tea, water, some light snacks, and if it feels joyful and effortless you can bring a delicious snack to share for after the celebration.
– For registration or questions, please contact Dorrit: dorrit@schooloflife.nl.
We would love to see you and celebrate this moment together.
Steffi & Dorrit
and with immense Sister support from Rinske (Expressing herself primarily through art she connected to the energy of this evening and came up with the deeply encoded drawing above)
Dorrit Anastasia:
“To me, embodying my pillar of light means to allow all of me – the multidimensional being that I am – to come through my body, into the cells of my body. By doing so I believe that I am “physically” giving birth to the New Earth consciousness. I am giving b’Earth.”
Steffi Mahwé:
“To me, embodying my pillar of light means being and expressing myself freely and authentically. And with that I mean all of me! Sound and movement are for me the most playful and easily accessible ways to do so as they help me move beyond the judgemental mind into a state of joy and loving embrace of all my different parts.”
Rinske Tirza:
“To me, embodying my pillar of light means to be both present and conscious in the dark as well as in the light. It means opening up my body to all the earthly and cosmic pleasures and wisdom. It means embracing and facing all my doubts, anger, grief etc, in order to find the diamonds within. And it means remembering and moving towards an inner Sacred Union of feminine and masculine energy, every time I find myself in a state of separation.”


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